Our main goal here at Jerusalem Nano Bible is connection with the people. We want to bring people together and open a line of communication and dialog about faith, through the guise of the 21st century .
As part of our journey we are honored to announce that we’ve started working with the wonderful Tai East, owner and creator of the popular blog “A SPIRIT- Kissed Soul”.
Tai was born and raised in Alabama. From a young age Tai felt a special connection to God and faith, and has always kept the Lord’s words close to her heart. Today, she runs her successful blog and it’s shop, where she creates beautiful pieces, inspired by her life and her faith.
We are thrilled to be working with a creator like Tai, a perfect representation of the message we are trying to put out in the world. Young people, using their platform to reignite the discussion about faith in the modern age.
We invite you all to visit her blog and enjoy her writings and creations.