The Smallest Bible Ever Printed

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The spirit and technology of Israel come together to produce
the world’s smallest bible printed onto a single 5mm x 5mm surface.

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About Us

Along with TowerJazz Semiconductor, we have spent the last several years developing the World’s Smallest Bible (for both the Christian and the Jewish faiths) with cutting-edge Nano Technology cultivated in the Holy Land, merging the spirit and technology of Israel.

The Jerusalem Nano Bible can be mounted onto precious metals and jewelry such as pendants, watches, bracelets and lockets, making for a truly unique keepsake for special life moments and religious milestones.

Our Founder

Video Journalist, Ami Bentov founded Jerusalem Nano Bible in 2013. Ami started, on the front-line, capturing major news events as a war cameraman. The contrast between faith, prayers for peace, and the war and conflicts that occur motivated Ami to reach out to the Tel Aviv University to develop a product which will convey a message of comfort for all faiths. Our mission is to reignite the spiritual dialogue about faith through modern technology allowing believers to carry the word of G-d with them wherever they go.


The Guinness Book of World Records

In 2015 Jerusalem Nano Bible received a nomination by The
Guinness Book of World Records for ‘the smallest bible in the world’.

Nomination Process

In order to be considered for this claim, Jerusalem Nano Bible had to prove without a doubt that the 5mm x 5mm surface in fact includes the whole New Testament.

Several experts including, Dr. Jack Pastor; Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities, Oranim Academic College of Education, Mr. Ran Marcus; Advocate & Notary of the Jerusalem Nano Bible and TowerJazz Technicians, engineers and Nano Scientists worked together to document and authenticate Jerusalem Nano Bible text.


The Nano Bible was examined under a high resolution electron microscope lens. The magnified text was projected onto a monitor, allowing all viewers to see the text clearly. News agencies including CBS, Reuters, CBN, RAI and more were also present.

A Jerusalem Nano Bible Certificate of Authenticity accompanies all purchases. The certificate guarantees the authenticity of your Jerusalem Nano Bible and documents that the utmost care was used to craft the Bible and to ensure it’s preservation.

Nano Bible Text Size

Shown above is the final Bible text at different magnifications though a special Electron Microscope.

In 2015 Jerusalem Nano Bible received a nomination by The Guinness Book of World Records for ‘the smallest bible in the world’.

One nanometer (nm) is one billionth, or 10 to the ninth power of a meter. The comparative size is a marble to earth.

The smallest object visible to an Optical microscope is only 200 nm. (Not to be confused with an Electron Microscope)

Give the Gift of Faith

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